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About Us

I am an incredibly blessed wife and mama to 10 miracle children this side of heaven and 1 precious daughter waiting for us with Jesus. We have had the amazing privilege of adopting 9 of our children and you will see the passion of adoption and orphan care in many pieces I make.  I am madly in-love with my Savior, Jesus Christ...without Him, I would be nothing. I have been hand crafting jewlery for over 20 years and absolutely enjoy making pieces that have a purpose...a story...a deep meaning.


Our hearts and vision for Jubilee's Jewels is to first finish raising the funds needed to pay for our surprise baby girl's adoption (our sweet Jubilee). We would love to offer fundraising help for adoptive parents, too so please click on the fundraising tab to learn more about our programs.

Thank you for stopping by!


Meet the newest Jubilee's Jewels jeweler:

Hello there I am Jamie, Stacy's little sister.  Now most little sisters hate being know as someones sister and not by name but not me!  My sister is someone I look up to and hope to be like some day, so by all means just know me as Stacy's little sister :)  I am a homeschooling mom to 3 beautiful kids.  This keeps life full but fun.  My husband is the most wonderful father and husband a family could ask for.  He works his heart out for us and we are so thankful for that.  So why am I doing Jubilees Jewels with Stacy?  Well I will tell you.  You all are the reason.  So many different pieces of jewelry and every one tells an amazing and personal story.  I love to hear God move in others lives and pray over every piece I make.  So thank you for letting me share your pilgrimage here. 
Stacy and Jamie are blessed to be passionate about orphan care....blessed to make jewelry together to help orphans come home to their forever familes and to make jewelry for orphan care ministires....blessed to run for the orphan...blessed to be sisters!

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